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Plastic Packaging

There are many different types of plastic packaging, including sustainable and compostable options.

Plastic Packaging (Made from recycled materials)

Sustainable plastic packaging is a must for eco-conscious companies looking to reduce their environmental impact. From mailing bags and reusable bags to degradable and compostable options, there are many ways for businesses to incorporate sustainable plastic into their supply chain operations. And with the right research and selection process, you can be sure to select packaging that meets your standards – both ecological and functional. Plus, with advances in technological innovation, it’s easier than ever before to find products made from bioplastics or recycled materials, making it even simpler to have an ethically responsible approach to product delivery.

Mailing Bags

Mailing bags are a bespoke, efficient and stylish way to send packages and products. With a variety of options available such as handles, double self-seal strips, co-extruded film and more, these plastic bags offer superior protection and strength; their weatherproof design ensures that your items arrive in pristine condition. Additionally, they can have a lacquer for a matt finish which further enhances their aesthetics of them. These will contain a minimum of 30% recycled material- making them strong, durable, reusable and eco-friendly. Investing in quality mailing bags is sure to make a lasting impression on your customers.

Min order of 3,000

Reusable Bags

Bespoke printed bags are a great way to make your company stand out – and they don’t have to be single-use. Our range of double rope duffle carriers and Flexi loop handle carriers provide excellent strength, weatherproofing and reusability – with recycled content options available too. With an experienced eye for detail, you can trust these products will last, making them a sound investment in both the environment and your business.

These will contain a minimum of 30% recycled material.

Min order of 3,000

Compostable Bags

We are able to make bags out of fully compostable material such as Corn Starch and Potato Starch, currently, unless you are ordering very high quantities you are restricted to the off-white material colour, although in higher quantities you could order the material in a Pantone matched colour. The great thing about the off-white material is it is instantly recognised as a compostable material.

We are able to offer either Home compostable or Industrial compostable material, dependent on the thickness of the bag.

These bags can be printed in the same way as a normal plastic carrier so you can still get the compostable bags with your full branding on them.

Due to the nature of the starch material we consider these more of a single-use carrier which we are trying to move away from, although when single-use is needed these are a great alternative.

Min order 5000-10,000 depending on style

Degradable Bags

Degradable bags are made with an additive in the plastic that speeds up the process of degrading the plastic.

These bags can also be made using recycled plastic.

Min order of 3,000

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