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About us

Firstly, we tailor our solutions to your specifications. As a result, our business is your packaging additionally getting you the service you deserve and learning sustainably as we go. 


Striving towards Sustainability

Notably, in more recent years the global market has become aware of the impact of packaging on the environment. Here at BSP, we are doing our part in working and learning towards a carbon-neutral world with our responsibly sourced, sustainable packaging. Additionally, we endeavour to encourage the use of packaging that will have minimal effect on our environment.

Important to realise is that in the wake of the global pandemic and surge in the popularity of e-commerce. Consequently, it is now more important than ever to learn that we all do our part to become sustainable. Firstly, the way that we encourage this is to promote the widely used ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’. Additionally, as a business, we encourage this method through our vast selection of suitable packaging for each customer. For example, a butcher’s shop prefers our reusable cooler bags and our single-use compostable carriers. However, a fashion boutique prefers unique tote bags or recyclable kraft carriers.

 With this in mind no matter the business needs or the sector. BSP can help you find a cost-effective, sustainable solution to your packaging needs!

About Us

Who we are

To explain. for 50 years, BSP has been providing packaging solutions to our clients. Significantly, from our origins delivering brown paper bags, meat wrap, cheese wrap and boxes to Butchers, fruit-&-veg sellers and bakers. Into today’s e-commerce and consumer-led marketplace of International brands on a global scale. Obviously, we live in a World that is constantly changing. For Instance, from the way we buy and process branded products, we have kept our focus on innovation and sustainability. Consequently, we are constantly evolving our offering to grow your business through effective packaging that is out there to be seen, remembered and serve as an effective marketing and learning tool for your business.

Infinite possibilities

To put it differently, here at BSP we are focused on turning your brand packaging vision into a reality. To illustrate, we can create bespoke packaging from a number of substrates including: wood, paper, plastic, glass and a wide range of sustainable options.

Notably, we have the bags that you want to last, made from jute, JUCO, cotton and canvas.

Conversely, in luxury packaging and e-commerce, we can tailor make anything to your requirements from boxes to bags.  

Whatever your need, we can provide a solution.

Our Eco-Conscious Values

  • Customer focus people iconWe want to evolve your brand and ours. Our customers are the heartbeat of our business and we have dedicated account teams to ensure your needs are met in a timely, cost-effective way.

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